Sandstone sealer, Indian sandstone sealer, Sealing Natural Stone imageSandstone sealer, Indian sandstone sealer, Sealing Natural Stone image

Sandstone sealer, Natural stone sealer for limestone and Travertine

If you are looking for a quality sandstone sealer, Smartseal can supply sandstone sealer that will protect indian sandstone patios and driveways from deteriorating for many years. Smartseal high performance sandstone sealers are specially formulated to provide lasting protection against the ingress of against water, oil, grease, dirt and grime.

For long lasting protection sandstone, limestone and other forms of natural stone should always be sealed at least once before and after pointing or grouting.


  • Will enhance the original colouring of sandstone and other forms of natural stone
  • Protects and inhibits the growth of green algae and lichen
  • Helps prevent colour loss from UV light
  • Easy application by sprayer, roller or brush
  • Resistant to oil, grease and stain penetration

For the best results and the best protection for your sandstone we would recommend applying two coats of sandstone sealer at a coverage rate of 4-6 sq metres per litre.

If you would like to know more about sandstone sealer from Smartseal please call 01268 722500 or complete our online enquiry form and one of our staff will call you back.