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Natural Stone Sealer

Indian sandstone, natural slate, travertine and limestone are excellent materials for all aspects of hard landscaping. Most hard landscaping involves a significant initial investment which is why it is well worth protecting these types of surfaces from deterioration. Smartseal sandstone sealers and natural stone sealers are suitable for applying on most types natural stone. The sandstone sealer will provide lasting protection to the surface, inhibit the growth of algaes and moss and slow down deterioration of the surface.

The benefits of Smartseal sandstone sealants and natural stone sealants are listed below:

  • Resistant to staining (oil, grease etc)
  • Invisible once dry
  • Protects against algae and moss growth
  • Provides protection for up to 5 years
  • Protects against colour loss from UV light

Will provide protection for sandstone, limestone, natural slate and most types of natural stone surfaces. The solvent free formulation can be used on internal and external surfaces and will not alter the appearance of the surface to which it is being applied.

Smartseal natural stone sealer is a clear non hazardous formulation which will provide lasting protection to most forms of natural stone from staining and the growth of green algae, moss and lichen. Smartseal natural natural stone sealers can be used used internally or externally on natural stone, marble, terracotta, limestone, natural slate, flagstones and travertine.

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